Wednesday, February 2, 2022


I'm a big fan of numerical palindrome dates, and today is one of them. No matter if you write it American style (with the month and day first)  or British style (day, then month) and don't include the leading zeros to the month and day, you'll be writing nothing but twos.
And if that isn't enough, because palindromic dates seem to come in patterns, twenty days from now there will be a date (2-22-22) with even more twos. And to make it even more special that date will be a TUESday.


  1. It's exciting! I can hardly wait! But in England it will be 22-2-22.

  2. We missed it. At 10:22PM it was 22:22 2-2-22.

  3. That is the PIN number of my credit card! How funny is that?

    God bless.

  4. When I worked at the children’s museum years ago, a man was there with his twins. He told me they were about to have a birthday, and that they were born 2-2-2002. Then he exclaimed, “Twins!” And held up two fingers. I thought of those kids yesterday- they turned 20. Time flies.

    1. I'm sure that not too many sets of twins can say they were born on that day.

  5. My granddaughter was born on 7-22-14. She missed 7-21-14 by one day!