Friday, February 28, 2020

If You Can't Find It New, Make It From Old

When Hubby Tony and I moved into our condo, we knew that some of our furniture wouldn't be able to come with us. For example, the wall unit entertainment center with two side cabinets that held our TV and other assorted video and audio components was way too big for the new space. After we were in the new place, as a stopgap we set the TV and necessary internet pieces on a coffee table. It was pretty unsightly, but it did the trick while we looked for something else.

I soon lost track of the number of stores I visited looking for the perfect cabinet. I wanted something that had room to set the TV on top, with plenty of storage capacity underneath. Everything I saw was too small, or too big, or too trendy, or had shelves too small to hold the pieces of my stereo system. Or it cost more than I wanted to spend.

One day when I was searching the internet (again!) for stands that would work I came upon the concept of converting an old dresser to an entertainment stand and expanded my search at stores accordingly. For weeks, I made regular visits to all the thrift stores by my house, and even searched out locations if I knew I was going to be in another part of the metropolitan area.

The day I found a sturdy white dresser with solid framing between the drawers that looked promising I sent a photo to Tony to ask what he thought, then brought it home.

At the store
Once Tony helped me get everything into the condo I removed all the drawers, took the slides off of the top two rows, and measured the interior. Tony and I went to the hardware store and purchased plywood to even out the shelves.

Ready to go
Back at home I put the plywood in place, then drilled holes in the back for the electrical cords to pass through. I painted the interior the same gray color as our family room wall. The last step was to get Tony to help me carry the dresser into the family room. I put all the equipment in its place, then stepped back to admire the results.

Plenty of storage

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  1. Fantastic job and great repurposing, good for the environment too.

  2. That is nice. What a great idea!

  3. Well done. I like the idea of repurposing pieces.