Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Day After The Day

Usually on December 26th I don't have the energy to do much of anything, but this year it's different. Because we celebrated Christmas with the family early, the actual holiday was laid back and serene.

On Christmas Eve, instead of frantically running around trying to tie up all of the loose ends Hubby Tony and I leisurely completed a couple of errands together, then got lunch at a new-to-us Mediterranean restaurant. The original plan was to go to midnight Mass, but at the last minute we changed our mind and went in the late afternoon. Afterwards Son Donald joined us for a pizza and salad dinner. I started a pan of overnight oatmeal for brunch, then we watched TV until it was time to head for bed.

The next morning we got up when we felt like it. We had divided up the cooking chores for dinner and mid-morning Tony realized he was missing a couple of ingredients for his dish. The Oriental market close to the house was open, so we piled in the car for a field trip. Both Tony and Donald picked out some things they wanted, then we wandered around looking at all of the exotic packages. Our mid-afternoon meal of tamales, beans, rice, cole slaw, and guacamole really hit the spot. After things were cleaned up Tony and I took a walk. Later in the day I served dessert - baked pears with homemade dolce de leche sauce.

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  1. I like the sound of restful and stress free at Christmas.

  2. Replies
    1. Now that it's several days after the holiday I hope you've caught up on your sleep.

  3. I loved my Christmas this year. It was a completely relaxed day too, like yours, without any frantic massive plans or preparations. I spent some time with a few friends, not long though, and just relaxed mainly. The best. Happy you had a great day and your dessert dish reminds me I haven't had baked pears in a long time. Time to give it a go again! Merry Christmas.

    1. From what I read on your blog you deserve to have a restful, relaxed day :-) I baked the pears because they needed to be used, but they were so good I might start to do it more often.