Monday, December 17, 2018

A Great Time Was Had

Things have been crazy busy at the house lately.  In anticipation of Son Donald crossing the graduation stage at Missouri S&T last Saturday, all of the family came in from out of town. For the past nine days people were coming and going, and it was hard to keep track of what day it was. The highlight of the weekend was Saturday, when we piled into cars for the trip to Rolla.
On Sunday we had our family Christmas celebration and a get-together with some of the extended family. Part of the out of towners left that night, and we took the rest to the airport today. While they were here I talked, laughed, played with Play-Doh, and cooked (some of the time with my favorite helper, Grandson Jay):
Checking on dinner
All in all it was a glorious time!


  1. Special event with special people!
    Congratulations to Donald!
    🎄 Merry Christmas...

    1. Yes, it was very special. Merry Christmas to you, too!

  2. What a wonderful celebration. Congratulations to son Donald.

    1. I'll let him know you were thinking about him