Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Tale of Two Trees

I felt like Spring is really tardy this year. Now I have proof.

There is a large redbud tree next to the deck in the back yard. The photo of it on the left just popped up as a memory on my Facebook page. At this time in 2012 it was full of flowers and even a few tiny leaves at the end of the branches. The photo on the right is from today. Buds on the branches but nothing else.

And the forecast for the next ten days shows the same chilly weather as we're having now.  I wonder when those buds will actually get a chance to open?

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  1. May this just be a clue that you're in for a lonnggggggg summer!

  2. spring is quite delayed this year I see.

  3. The weather is so darn weird this year. My kids in Illinois and Maryland had snowstorms just last week. Good grief!