Sunday, April 24, 2016


Ever have one of those days where you just can't motivate yourself?  Today was like that for me.  I woke up groggy, and muddled through my morning obligations.  Mid-afternoon I decided to take a short nap. It didn't help; if anything it left me even groggier.  I decided to take that as a sign and spend the rest of the day recharging my batteries.  I  puttered in the yard until it got too dark, then came inside and made myself comfortable on the couch with my computer.  I have an email folder that's filled with random activities to try some day.  When I looked through it tonight one of the ideas jumped out and said " Pick Me!" 

How did it know that the other day I cleaned out a drawer and found a couple of cable ties, which I set on the kitchen island for the cats to play with?  The cats had a lot of fun pushing the ties off the island and batting them all over the kitchen. Now it was time for me to have some fun with them.  Thanks to the information on Wikihow, I learned how to How to Open A Cable Tie.

I'm not sure when I'd ever use the skill in real life, but as an experiment it was pretty interesting. The steps (as borrowed directly from the website):
  • Pick up the cable tie and look into the little white box. You will see a plastic tongue inside there that hooks into the rack and prevents it from pulling loose. 
  • Take the needle and stick it in between the tongue and the rack. This separates the tongue from the rack.
  • Pull the end of the cable tie back with your one hand whilst keeping the needle in place with your other. In other words, you're widening the loop while overriding the cable ties closing system at the same time.
  • Pull the end completely out of the little white box and pull the needle out as well. Now, don't get it accidentally stuck in there again!
      I closed and opened one of the ties twice.  When I was done I put the back on the island for the cats again.  Why should I be the only one having fun?


      1. never occurred to me you could open these!

      2. Yep, I think scissors in terms of cable ties. Who knew!

      3. That is a great to know trick!

        1. And as handy as you seem to be I bet you find a use for the information :-)

      4. I had already been introduced to that trick by a friend who thought I would love to know this because I hate to throw stuff away. She was right ..... I reuse them.