Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pondering A Predicament

Today we bought airplane tickets for a family adventure at the end of May.  We were coordinating five different schedules, and it was hard to find a date that worked for everyone.  Finally we narrowed it down to one of two weekends.  The first was better for everyone-except for me. I already had a commitment.  Last month someone asked me to be part of a speaking panel at an event she was chairing.  I had said yes.

What should I do?   The woman who's organizing the event is a really nice person, and I didn't want to be a jerk.  Should family come first, though?  After mulling over the pros and cons of all the different scenarios I came to the decision I would back out of my commitment.  The event is still almost two months away, and there will be time to find someone else to take my place.

Next I had to decide the best way to break the news.  In person probably would have been more professional, but since I wouldn't see the woman until the end of the week I decided to call her.  When she picked up the phone we chatted for a few minutes, then I broke the news and explained the reasons I needed to back out.

She was gracious and said she understood.  I hope she meant it.

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  1. life can get so complicated, glad you were able to back out, you did give lots of notice for a good reason.

  2. I'm sure she did mean it. Like you said, you gave her enough notice that she should be able to find someone else to replace you. It would be different if you called the night before or didn't call at all.

  3. Life is short. Taking a trip with family is something you will remember forever. You made the right decision and I bet she understands completely and wishes she were going off on a trip with family. That's what I would think, had it been me, who booked you as a speaker. I'd probably be bitter for a night about losing a speaker and wishing I was going on a vacation, but then I'd realize how happy that would make me, and be happy for you.

  4. I hope she's a follower of your blog, Kathy. If so, your reluctance at pulling out will sway her into realizing she asked the right person to be on the panel in the first place. Bet she asks you again.

    1. This woman's given no indication she reads here :-)