Thursday, February 18, 2016

Where Are They Coming From?

Five years ago today I published what I thought was a pretty normal post. It was entitled Conversion, about a website that converted text to the phonetic alphabet used by the military.  Three regular readers commented on the post.

Tens of thousands of others (as of today 26,253 others, to be exact) didn't.

The view count of this single entry has lapped all the others I've posted many times. I suspect many of them came from the link to the conversion website, but I never could find any mention of my blog there. And many search engines strip out the keywords for certain of searches, so my blog stat counter doesn't help me figure it out.  The graphic I formatted for the post still shows up on a Google search, although it's further down than it used to be. 

I wonder if this old post will be my blogging claim to fame.

Five years ago today:  Well, you already know


  1. I did one like that, too. "Swiss Boarding School," about my friend's education. It doesn't have your claim to fame, but is sure suffered a lot of hits.

  2. So far, I don't. But that's intriguing.

    1. One year I even tried tagging posts with extremely volatile current news words. Nothing.