Monday, February 29, 2016

Extra Day

Today is February 29th, a bonus day on the calendar. Since Leap Day only happens once every four years, I wanted to come up with a unique activity to celebrate it. I searched dozens of websites for ideas. The vast majority of them were for kids, which made me sad. Aren't adults allowed to do silly things?

However, in my Internet exploration I did find one simple offbeat idea for commemorating the day. When I was at Target I bought a pack of Extra gum and quickly unwrapped it while the cashier was finishing the transaction. As he handed me my change I offered him a stick of "Extra gum for the extra day".  I did the same thing with the person behind me in line.  Both of them declined, but I brought a smile to their faces.


  1. That was a cute 'extra' thought Kathy! Happy Leap Day!

  2. That's a nice idea. How thoughtful too.

  3. Awwww... This is so sweet. You must have brought smiles to the faces of a lot of people.