Saturday, January 30, 2016

Make a Snowflake

I used the fun, easy to use website Paper Snowflake Maker to create this virtual snowflake.

To "cut" the paper you use the mouse to draw polygons (closed shapes) that represent scissor cuts. After a polygon is closed, you can edit it by dragging any of the vertices, and there's an Undo button in case you make a mistake.  There are options for multiple background colors, and you can choose if you want the result shaded or not.

When you're done you can download your snowflake or share it on Facebook.

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  1. it looks so real, amazing and pretty!

  2. I'm going to have to try this, looks like fun.

  3. Oh wow, how cool! I remember making paper snowflakes in elementary school and always enjoyed that. I'll have to try this website.

  4. Glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for reaching out to say hello!

  5. How cool! Adult coloring books and virtual snowflakes? We don't have to be kids to have this kind of fun!