Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Cleanup

According to tradition the "Twelve Days" of Christmas don't end until January 5th, but real life commitments start for everyone in this house start tomorrow so we took the tree and decorations down today.

Even though I scatter Christmas all throughout out the house it always takes less time to undo the decoration job than it did to put it up, especially when you recruit other people's help.  Today Hubby Tony and Son Donald were pressed into service.  We took the garland, ornaments, and lights off our artificial tree, then the men disassembled the pieces and took them to the basement. Tony removed the lights from the front of the house, and I did the same thing for the ones on the deck.  After all that was done we took a break.

After dinner I took my time taking the decorations down, then piled them in the family room.  I removed the everyday nick-knacks from the holiday storage boxes and staged them in  the living room while I packed the Christmas things away.  At that point I decided I was tired.  The 'redecorating' will wait until tomorrow, when I'll have the energy to clean everything thoroughly before it gets put back.


  1. I took my decorations down on Saturday, it was a good feeling!

    1. I agree. I'm always excited to decorate the house for Christmas, and then I'm excited again to get rid of the extra clutter

  2. You sound so efficient with your method.