Friday, October 30, 2015

Too Soon! Go Away!

The Major League Baseball post-season has been going on for almost a month. In that time we've had at least part of most of the games on. (Hubby Tony watches pretty intently.  Me, not so much).

During these games they tend recycle the same set of commercials over and over. Since early October I've seen the commercials for prescription drugs, cars, car insurance, and online fantasy sports way too many times.  Tonight was no exception. I was minding my own business, sitting on the couch in the family room playing with my laptop and halfway paying attention to the TV.  Until a new commercial demanded my attention. It was a holiday ad!

In my perfect world retailers wouldn't promote Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but I'm not in charge and they don't listen to me. However, there was something particularly annoying about seeing references to a winter holiday during a summer sport.

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  1. Happy Halloween anyway Kathy! I see the Xmas stuff up already around here.

  2. That's because baseball goes on far too long. The World Series should be played in late September, not early November. That said by someone who hates all sports and wishes they would go away.