Thursday, July 16, 2015

Exercise Times Two

The gym I go to has two group exercise classes each morning-one in the 9:00 hour and one in the 10:00 hour.  I have a meeting I attend every Friday, but on the other days if I don't have any work scheduled or errands to run I go to one of the classes.

On Thursday, the early class is called Muscle Works (which uses hand weights and bands to work all of the major muscle groups of the body). The second class is Zumba (a fitness program inspired by Latin dance).  Because the doctor told me I need to work on building my bones I always choose the first one.  However, Zumba is taught by a woman I know from my previous gym. I've told her quite a few times as I'm leaving and she's coming in I'll stay for her class someday, but not today. (One class is more than enough for me, but there's quite a few people who do both.).  She just smiles.

Today I had a work assignment right down the road from the gym that could be done any time after 11:00.   If I stuck to my normal Thursday schedule I'd be done at the gym with too much time to spare, and it wasn't worth spending the time and gas driving home and coming back to the same area.  I decided today would be the day I'd stay for my acquaintance's Zumba class.

Before I left the house I made myself a snack to eat in the car after I'd done two hours worth of exercise and made sure my water bottle was filled up.  When I got to the gym, though, I found out my acquaintance wasn't going to be there.  The first instructor was subbing, teaching something she called Cardio Dance. I ended up staying, but now I still have to fulfill my 'Zumba' requirement.

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  1. Cardio dance sounds interesting I don't think we have anything like that at our gym but there are so many new classes these days.

    1. I think it was a made up class. The title sounded integrating, but ended up being a lot of the same moves as the first class with some dance steps thrown in.

  2. I've heard Of the Zumba but only the name. However, I play a game on the 360 Called ZUMA. Fun stuff. Wishing you a great day.