Saturday, November 22, 2014

Feeling Of Foreboding

I’ve been feeling a little apprehensive the past few days.

Every time I read the newspaper, turn on the radio, or watch TV, I'm confronted with the all turmoil related to the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri. Since August 9th when Michael Brown was fatally shot the area has been on edge. The original surge of violence and rioting died down after a few weeks, but there have been sporadic outbursts, mainly in Ferguson and Clayton (the county seat).

The grand jury has been hearing evidence in the case since late August. When they started, the county prosecutor opined they’d reach a decision by the end of November. An announcement was widely expected this weekend, but the group's still deliberating. The longer the deliberation goes on, the tenser things become.

Protesters have released a long list of possible places they’ll show up to demonstrate if the grand jury decides not to bring charges against the police officer, including government offices, businesses, cultural institutions, and malls. Stores in the Ferguson area are boarding up their stores in anticipation of more rioting. Earlier this week the Governor declared a state of emergency, which authorizes the National Guard to be deployed if necessary. One school district in the area announced they wouldn’t hold classes on Monday or Tuesday (it was already scheduled to close for Thanksgiving starting Wednesday.)

Everyone has an opinion, and all of the entities say they’re taking action ‘just in case’. I think they’re acting out of fear. Basing your actions on fear becomes self-fulfilling; if you think something bad is going to happen, it probably will. I don’t live close to Ferguson, so I don’t pretend to know what the people in that area are feeling. However, most of the people who are spouting (or posting right-wing or left-wing opinions to my Facebook page) don’t either. All they’re doing are fanning the fear, and the flames.

If you feel so inclined, would you please send some prayers or positive thoughts this way? We could use them.