Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sights And Sounds of Nature

Our subdivision has its share of wild critters, and I'm continually amazed by things I've never seen (or heard) before

On Friday I was reading the newspaper in the family room next to an open window when I heard a steady staccato sound coming from the yard to my left.  I looked over and saw a pair of woodpeckers drilling on the side of my neighbor's deck.  It was amazing to watch them; somehow they clung onto the wood while attacking it with their long bills. They stayed there for five minutes, then flew off.  Later in the day I was getting ready to cut the grass when my neighbor came outside. I told him what I'd seen., and we went into his back yard to look at the deck.  The evidence was there--a perfectly drilled two-inch long horizontal line, with a shorter line underneath it. He told me they'd had some problems with carpenter bees in that area. I wonder if that's what the birds were going after?

Later in the day I was in the kitchen when I heard a chirping sound coming from the yard on the OTHER side of us, but when I looked there was no bird to be seen. Instead, I saw a chipmunk sitting next to the drainpipe.  It had to be him, although I didn't know there was such as thing as Chipmunk Sounds.  He chirped for a couple of minutes, then something spooked him and he ran behind a bush and disappeared.

Wonder what I'll see next?


  1. Oh how fun! could become a zoo over there! haha.

  2. I love watching nature but sometimes woodpeckers can be destructive.

  3. Hope the woodpecker got those carpenter bees. They're even more destructive.

  4. One of my colleagues mentioned that woodpeckers had been pecking at the siding of his shed and I was shocked that they were in Missouri... and momentarily wondered if they were like the ones in all the older cartoons.