Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Everyday's A Holiday

Hubby Tony and I were watching the baseball Cardinals game tonight.  (They beat the Marlins 5-2.)  As the broadcast was wrapping up, for some reason one of the announcers mentioned today was Chocolate Pudding Day.

I love pudding, but haven't eaten it in quite some time.  We usually have a box of instant in the pantry and I thought briefly about making it in honor of the day, but since it was getting close to bedtime I passed.  The pudding reference got me thinking, though.  I know there's a multitude of crazy holidays each month.  A Google search led me to Holidays for Everyday that told me the notable events and celebrations for June 26th were:

  • Maria's Birthday (Sesame Street)
  • Toothbrush invented 1498
  • Bicycle patented 1819
  • National Chocolate Pudding Day
  • Bar Code birthday 1974


  1. bar code birthday? hahaha.

    that was fun. Mark your calendar for chocolate pudding day next year!

    1. I've already made note of Ice Cream for Breakfast day and Mustard day, so what's one more :-)

  2. I'm with Betsy, laughing at bar code birthday! It doesn't seem like bar codes have been around that long, but I guess they have been. Interesting I must say.

    Pudding... yummm. Now I want pudding! But I'm like you, it's past my bedtime so I'll pass.

    Enjoy your day, cheers.

    1. I suspect I'll be making (and eating) that chocolate pudding sometime in the very near future!