Thursday, March 1, 2012

Never A Dull Moment

It may not always be busy, but there’s always something going on at the mall Customer Service desk I work at.

The other day a man came in to buy some gift cards. His office had just completed their busy season, and he was treating his staff to a shopping spree.  (Which he does every year.  I wish I worked at that place!)

He had actually been in the day before and purchased some cards, but hadn’t been able to get enough, and was waiting for me when the desk opened to get the rest.  His staff was outside in the limo (!) he’d hired for them.  Once they all got their gift cards, they’d have two hours to shop before they had to go back to the office.

I sold him his cards, and he left.

Ten minutes later, a crazed-looking group of women hurried by.  They saw my desk had mall maps, and trotted over to get some.  They looked like contestants on the old Supermarket Sweep TV game show, where the challenge was to get as many things into a cart as possible before the clock ran out.

They got their maps and then they were off.  I never saw them again, but I bet they had a good time.


  1. That's a majorly cool boss. I didn't think they came in that model any more!

  2. The Mister is that kind of boss. He resigned from his job last month to take a new one and several people cried! Oh dear! He's always felt if you treat your employees well they will be loyal quality workers.

  3. They better remember him on National Boss Day!

  4. you know the world would be a much better place if we had more people like that boss!

  5. Kathy! What fun! Even a limo! NOW that is a kind boss!

  6. Great boss. Glad you got to be a small part of this and then got to share with us. Made us all smile.