Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Walk With Me

The temperature's been well above average here every day this week.   Even though today was supposed to be in the upper 50s (ten degrees cooler than the last two days), it was still warmer than the average high of 41 for this time of year.  I knew I had to fit in some type of outdoor activity!

I was off work today, and this morning was all about grocery shopping and errand running.  I left the house a little before 9, and in two hours I'd made five stops...chiropractor, drug store, hardware store, book store, and discount club.  The next item on the list was a local grocery store with several branches near us.  I decided to go to the northernmost one, mainly because I could turn right from the discount club parking lot and avoid a stop light.

As I was getting close to the store, I realized that I was very close to Hubby Tony's office and it was about the time he often breaks for lunch.  I called him, asked if he was wearing comfortable shoes, and if so would he like to join me for a quick walk.  It only took him a few seconds before he agreed.   Instead of turning left into the store parking lot, I turned right and maneuvered my car through a couple of parking lots till I reached his building.

Tony's worked at this place for more than two years.   In that time, I've chauffeured him once or twice when his car was in the shop, and picked him up after work a couple of times when we were on our way to some event.  I've never been there in the middle of the day.  The lot was pretty full, so I took a spot near the back and waited for Tony to come out.

His building is tucked behind a larger one-story building that was originally built as a shopping center, then converted to offices.  It's surrounded by several other buildings, but there's a lot of green space between each one.  The area's not particularly pedestrian-friendly (the street doesn't have any sidewalks), but we walked single-file along the left hand side until we came to an apartment complex and cut over.  There was no traffic, so we were able to walk side by side through the complex's winding streets.

We passed some tennis courts, a pool, and a small lake before the road ended in a cul-de-sac.  When we looked over to the left we realized we'd ended up right behind Tony's office!  It was separated from the apartments by a row of scraggly-looking trees and brush, but at one end there was an opening which we took to get to the main street.  Tony wasn't ready to go back to work yet, so we followed the road around to the other side of the building, where he walked me to my car, said 'Goodbye', and headed towards the building.

As I drove to the grocery store, I thought about the great time I'd just had.  Spending time outdoors on a beautiful day getting exercise with my hubby...that's a win-win-win!


  1. Very nice! It's been 60 the last two days here. Only 40's tomorrow, but it sure felt nice..and a little weird for the middle of winter. I keep thinking that a blizzard is going to come....haha.

  2. a 'win-win' for sure! I heard the cold is all in Europe.

  3. Now that is a great lunch break!

  4. No Kidding that was great! I have sure been enjoying this weather much more than last year! What a great serendipitous adventure!