Friday, February 17, 2012

That Darn Cat!

I have a couple of big projects coming due in the next two weeks, and not much time to do them.  Today was jam-packed with activities and errands, including grocery shopping.  After I did the "big shopping" at Aldi I stopped by the house to drop off the food, because it was too warm to drive around with perishables.

When I walked in the house at 1:30 the cats were waiting for me in the kitchen.  They thought it was time to eat!  However, I reminded them it was too early for their meal. (Yes, I talk to my pets.  Don't you?)  I brought in the bags and set them on the counter, then took all the refrigerated items out and put them away.  The rest of the food could wait.  I picked up my purse and keys, told the cats I'd see them in a bit, and left to go cross a couple more things off my list.

When I got home 45 minutes later the cats weren't anywhere to be found.  I sat at the kitchen desk and caught up on emails and Facebook posts.  By the time I was finished the cats were back.  Jackson circled around under my feet, and Pepper jumped up on the desk and walked across it a couple of times trying to get my attention.  I finished what I was doing, and told them I'd take care of them after I put the groceries away.

This was a small shopping trip, and everything (except for the gallons of milk) had fit into two large flat-bottomed cloth shopping bags. The first bag contained produce and miscellaneous groceries.  The second bag held a couple of boxes of cereal, some canned goods, and a loaf of bread, which I'd placed on top of everything else.

When I pulled the bread out, I noticed something wasn't right.  There's not supposed to be a hole eaten into the bag:

Who did it? As they always do, both cats looked at me innocently when I asked. I tried to figure out the message they were sending. Were they announcing they need more food, or annoyed that I ignored them?


  1. Cats do anything just because they can. Were you talking to us?

  2. Oh, so funny!~ cats just crack me up. Whiskers and Tiger and spending more and more time inside. So far, nobody has jumped on the counter, but our old cats used to. Nothing was safe! Maybe the one you put on a diet last year was getting some carbs he was craving? lol...

  3. Cats are spiteful! You annoyed them and they let you know! Of course I talk to my pets. We have three cats that have decided to live here. A solid black, a yellow striped, and a gray striped. The black and yellow are still skittish, but will allow me to share the porch as long as I don't get too near. Tonight the gray came to me and then lay down for a petting! This means we now have 7 pets.

  4. Looks like they liked what they tasted though. I didn't know cats would do something like that for attention.

  5. ooops! lol Cat's are too funny sometimes, the things they do and look so innocent about after reminds me exactly of Garfield.

  6. When I was a kid, we had a cat who would habitually eat bread by chewing through the bag. We had to keep it in the fridge.

    Our two cats don't go after bread, but they like marshmallows. We have lost at least two (possibly 3?) bags to them. They climb the shelves in the pantry, take down the bag, and drag it into a corner of the mud room to dismantle. We will walk in to find the floor littered with marshmallows, each with bites out of them. They seem to like both plain and the pumpkin spice-flavored ones that were selling before Thanksgiving.

    Our two cats apparently work together on their 'mallow hunts, as I've caught them in the act once...