Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

If you have a pet, you know about their hair tumbleweeds, those balls of hair that roll around on hardwood and vinyl floors. In our house, cat hair tends to gather in a couple of different places. The stairs to the second floor curve at the bottom just before they reach the foyer, and there's a tiny nook behind them where the hair accumulates. The other is under the kitchen table. It doesn't matter how often I sweep it; every time tiny cat hair bundles go flying.

However, the cats aren't the only hair-producing machines in the house. I tend to lose quite a bit, too. Every time I wash, comb, or fiddle with it a few strands come loose. The average human loses between 50 and 150 hairs per day. (I think I'm on the higher side of that range.) In warm weather we shed more, so this month's oppressive heat should lead to quite a shedding season!

This afternoon when I walked into the bathroom, I noticed a small pile of hair on the floor next to the rug. Then I saw more on the other side of the rug. And more by the toilet. What a mess! I'm not sure where it came from. because when I comb my hair, I purposely turn my back to the mirror so any loose hair falls on the vanity and I can throw it away. Wherever it came from, it had to be cleaned up. I got down on my knees and went around the room, sweeping the hairs into a pile with the side of my hand. When I got done, I had a pile of hair that rivaled anything the cats ever produced.

Is that something to be proud of or embarrassed about?


  1. My hair brush always disturbs me...the amount of hair in it! ha. I read somewhere that you shed more when you are stressed, too.

    Nugget is quite the shedding machine. I feel like I could make another rabbit with the fur I gather in his sleeping spots!

  2. WHEW, I'm "normal"! lol I'm always finding my hair trailing down my stairs... like seriously I don't brush my hair while I'm walking downstairs. If it's on my bedroom floor it's understandable but it's rare that I find it there. I'm with Betsy, my hairbrush also disturbs me. When I clean my brush I often wonder why I'm not bald... shhhh, I didn't just say that, I don't want it to come true!

    When I start to find too many of Abbie's hairballs in my house I take her to PetSmart for grooming, it helps for a day or so. ;-)

    Have an excellent Wednesday!

  3. I was wondering about that hair loss. I feel like I'm losing a WHOLE lot of hair these days. I was thinking it could be the warmer weather and now you've confirmed it. Thanks for setting my mind at ease. I was picturing myself bald.

  4. Yep. I know about those pet tumbleweeds for sure.

    For your lovely locks, try Biotin. I had to start taking it after some surgery. After about 3 months I noted that my fingernails were growing strong and long, my elbows and other scrapey areas were smooth as a baby's butt and my hair was growing rapidly and strong and not falling out so much.

    Woohoo!!!! Yay Biotin!!!