Thursday, July 21, 2011

On The Spot

This morning I was going to run errands. I got in the car, turned the key in the ignition, and........nothing happened. I tried again, and got the same result.

I suspected I had battery issues. After saying a quick prayer of thanks that it happened today and not tomorrow when I had to go to work, I came inside and called AAA. I figured they'd come give me a jump, then I'd drive the car to the repair shop and get the problem fixed.

It only took 20 minutes for AAA to show up. In the meantime, I called the shop to find out if they'd be able to fit me in today. The receptionist said it would be possible, but depending on what time I got there I might have to leave the car for a while. I went upstairs and applied sunscreen, then gathered everything I would need in case I had to walk home. (At that point the temperature was almost 95 degrees, so I was not looking forward to it.)

The first thing the service technician did was test my battery. He confirmed my suspicions that it was dead as a doornail. However, before he charged the car, he mentioned that he could replace the battery on the spot. I didn't know that was an option, but it didn't take long for me to agree. He got the proper battery from his truck and went to work. It was hot in the garage, but when I opened the back door a slight cross breeze came through, which made it little more bearable. I passed the time by chatting with the technician, stepping out into the yard to pull some weeds and stepping into the house to empty the dishwasher and get some cool air.

In the middle of the job, the technician's battery tester stopped working, and he called another mechanic who was near by. While he waited he filled out my paperwork, and soon a second AAA truck parked in front of the house. It didn't take long to confirm that my battery was indeed installed correctly, and the second truck left. A few minutes after that, I received my bill and warranty information. I signed where indicated, and the technician left. It was time to get on with my day.

I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I started up my car. Since the battery had completely discharged, my radio wouldn't work until the anti-theft code was punched in. I'd found the code on a piece of paper in my glove compartment, and set on the front seat, figuring I'd take care of it when I left the house. The technician had already done it for me. He also set the time on the clock. All I had to do is fix the radio presets.

I suspect I paid a bit more for the convenience of not taking my car to the shop, but the price didn't seem out of line. I'd certainly use this service again, but I hope it's a long time before I have to.


  1. Sometimes convenience is worth a little extra!

  2. I had that same issue with my battery a while back and had to reinstall the radio...but I had to take it to the dealer to do it. Glad you had the trouble fixed with such convenience....gotta love the AAA.

  3. Wow!!! Now THAT is service!!!! Glad it all worked out so well for you.

  4. Actually, I think the price for a AAA battery is very reasonable. They aren't trying to gouge you. It's part of what they offer with road service. Gotta love AAA, or as we call them here, CSAA