Monday, July 4, 2011

Mall Observations

Malls are great places to people watch, and from my vantage point at the Customer Service counter I get to see the shopping habits of a great cross section of humanity.

I'd expect to see well-dressed people carrying something from Brooks Brothers (traditional clothes), or ladies of a certain age with Coldwater Creek (traditional classic clothing) or Easy Spirit (comfort footwear for working women) bags. However, a woman wearing modest Hindu dress carrying a package from Hot Topic (teen-centered pop culture clothing, accessories, and music CDs) seemed a bit odd, as did the 60-something man dressed in shirt and shorts with predominant Hollister (Southern California "beach vibe" style clothing) logos, carrying a bag from the store.


  1. Kathy this proves that you can't judge a book by its cover! ;-) You have an interesting job, what fun! I used to sit in a mall and people watch, I took great pleasure in it but today I'm far to busy to do so. I've also often wondered how a person views me when I'm out shopping... that would be interesting! lol

  2. I do enjoy people watching too. I'm glad you're enjoying your job.