Monday, June 13, 2011

Your Presence Is Requested

Back when I applied for unemployment, I was told I might be required to report in person every four weeks at a state Career Center (aka Unemployment Office).

I'd lost track of how long ago I started my claim, so I was surprised when I got a notice last Wednesday telling me to report sometime this week during business hours. I also got a second envelope containing a form letter telling me I had been "selected to receive special reemployment services to help you find work more quickly". The requirements for this were more stringent; they gave me a specific date (today) to show up at an office about a half hour from my house.

I thought I'd take care of my obligations in the morning, so I left the house after I thought rush hour was over. The radio was announcing there was a Severe Thunderstorm warning in effect for my city, but the storm was heading in a different direction than I was so I didn't worry about it. I brought a book to read while I waited and a list of errands for the way home.

The Career Center takes up one corner of a large strip mall. I parked the car, then followed a steady steam of people going in and got at the end of the registration line. When I reached the receptionist, she asked for my Social Security number, then pointed to a row of computers and told me to pick one, fill out the information on the screen, and wait. Within a few minutes an employee came and told me to have a seat at a table, where someone would be with me soon.

I barely had time to get out my book when I heard a woman calling my name. It was time for the Reemployment Services orientation. We walked back to her cube, where pictures of cute animals were plastered all over the walls. I asked her what criteria they used to select people for this program, and she told me I'd been "profiled" because of some key word in my work history. We chatted while she set me up in the system, then she printed out some paperwork for me to sign. She told me about the training seminars that are available, and asked if I had any questions before she sent me on my way.

I get to have one of these sessions every time I report to the Career Center. Lucky me!


  1. There sure is a push to get people out to work, but how is this supposed to transpire when there's no jobs? I wish you all the best with this, just smile and nod. Have a great week, this was only Monday, you have more days that can only get better!

  2. WOW....I must be missing something....have you received any help?....good luck with that....(the book is a good idea!)....smiles

  3. Isn't it fun?! I got to go after 5 weeks in Oregon BUT I had to bring a list of every job I had applied for. You must apply for at least 2 jobs a week or they can discontinue your benefits.

    I went in with my jobs list, a list of every corporate website I had visited, and all the search agents I had set up on job search websites. The woman looked at and said, "You should teach a class." How does that help me?!

    It's a crock because there aren't 2 library jobs a week in Oregon or I would be employed! Unfortunately, you have to play along or they can stop your benefits. Aaagh!!