Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brush And Roll

Since I'm not working, I'm trying to tackle one big house project every week. This week's activity was painting the living room.

I can't remember when the living room was last painted, but it's been quite a few years. Back then, I coordinated the paint color with the existing couch, then purchased a harmonizing floral material for window treatments (board-mounted pennant three-point valances with tassels on the bottom of each point) and accent pillows.

I realized a couple of months ago that the walls were looking tired. However, I regularly get compliments on the valances, so I didn't want to change them. Back in the fall I painted the kitchen. Shortly after that I had a revelation--the khaki color I used there would coordinate with the living room! I bought a gallon of the paint and waited for time to do the job.

The project ended up taking chunks of four different days. Monday I cleaned the walls, then (since the new color was substantially different than the old) I primed them. Tuesday I painted. Wednesday and today I did the trim work (it needed two coats). I forgot to take a picture before things got taken out, but here's the room ready for its makeover:

Fortunately, it was nice enough that I could open up the windows to get rid of the paint smell. Pepper appointed himself my assistant. He was quite peeved when I asked him to move so I could work there:

Did you notice the room's crown moulding in the first picture? It's beautiful, but a pain to paint, because I'm not good at detail work. I went to the hardware store and bought a good trim brush, which made a difference. Even though I had to do two coats, I painted the crown moulding, door frames, and baseboards without getting any white semi-gloss paint on the wall which is huge for me.

The room is getting there:

Here's the finished product, sans artwork. I need to decide which pieces will make the grade:

When I was done I was glad to throw my painting clothes in the washer. After this project, I think it will be a while before I use them again.


  1. I just love what fresh paint does for a room! Beautiful! I know you'll enjoy that color, too.

  2. I like the new colour. That reminds me some people are supposed to be coming to paint our garage door soon. We gave them a small deposit.

  3. Fantastic job Kathy! I love the color and the crown molding. I was thinking of doing crown molding in my living room, I need a handyman for a week I think.

    This is fantastic, you're making the best of having some free time now, and how refreshing to have a new room. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Gawd, it's midday here and I've spent the whole morning on the computer with the exception of hanging out some washing. I really SHOULD be doing something like this.

  5. I always go into a painting project thinking 'how hard can it be?' and come out saying "I will never do that again". Kudos to you- you're being so much mroe productive than I am with your downtime. And I love the new color!

  6. I am so impressed. I hate painting and you have done an expert job! Wow! It looks gorgeous!