Sunday, May 22, 2011

Signs of the Season

Summer's almost here. How do I know?

  • During my last shopping trip I bought the first watermelon of the season (and)

  • then I came home and made the first frozen watermelon

  • The linen closet door outside the master bedroom doesn't close properly from the humidity

  • Today we opened all the windows on the main floor so we can get a cross-breeze through the house

  • I turned on the ceiling fan in the family room for the first time in months

  • Yesterday I got my first mosquito bite

  • I wore a skirt without hose when I went to a graduation party

  • We can't take a walk at night without passing by the smell of BBQ grills

  • There are parking cones everywhere on the streets where they're fixing potholes and replacing concrete

  • Last night there was a longer wait for patio seating than inside seating at a restaurant 


  1. Now I have to ask, what is frozen watermelon... besides the obvious? lol What fantastic signs of the season, it's such a freeing feeling isn't it?

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Frozen watermelon? I've never heard of doing that either. I'd like to know what that is too.

  3. Oh that last point is so true, is' it? And of course no hose! Well, I never! Don't think that would have occurred to me but how right you are. Hee.

    Funny how you have humidity affect opening and closing doors. None such here of course.

    Now, tell me, how does one "make frozen watermelon?" Sounds yummy.

  4. my son got his first mosquito bit this weekend too!

  5. I had my first campfire of the season! Love it!