Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Darling

Happy Memorial Day to my American friends. Hope you had a good first holiday of the summer season. Although Tony and I didn't do anything special here today, it was nice having an extra "weekend" day to sleep in and be lazy.

This morning, I read the comics with breakfast, like I always do, then opened up the section to read the advice columns and glance at our horoscopes. It's amazing how broadly they can be interpreted, but sometimes they're pretty specific. Today Tony's said, in part, "tonight, keep your head down. You can do it even while flipping burgers." I took that as a sure sign that he needed to be in charge of dinner! Mine was a bit less direct. It said, "tonight, let your inner child emerge."

Although we didn't have hamburgers, we did have some Apple Cinnamon sausages in the freezer that would be great barbecued. I told Tony if he took charge of the entrée I'd make a brown rice salad to go with it. I pressed a couple of cloves of garlic into the water with the cooking rice. After it was done I added sliced green olives and Italian dressing, then put it in the refrigerator to cool.

All afternoon I tried to enable my "inner child", with no success. I tried singing preschool songs, but that kept me from concentrating on the other things I was doing. While Tony was cooking, I tried to sneak up on him with a squirt bottle, but he saw me when I turned the corner into the back yard. Nothing I did was quite right.

For dessert we decided to get some shave ice at a stand not too far from the house. Nothing's better than fluffy bits of frozen water mixed with sugary syrup on a sticky day. Although we could walk, I decided it was too hot and offered to drive. When we arrived at the stand, I noticed that the shade tent that's usually out front wasn't there any more. Most of the picnic tables were in the sun, and that didn't appeal to me at all. After we got our cups of ice, we went back to my CR-V, opened the rear door, and sat in the trunk. My feet dangled over the edge, so I started swinging them and I realized that my inner child had emerged after all.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day and that inner child has a mind of its own I find... you just never know when it might come out to play!

    I've never heard of apple cinnamon sausages, do you have them made?

    Enjoy your evening.

  2. Glad you had snowcones. It was too cool here for such things. We are still running the heater in the morning. I'm wondering if our California summer is going to show up this year.

  3. Oh wow! You call it a shave ice in Missouri, too? That's so much fun! I figured you guys called it snow cones.

  4. I love snowcones, glad to hear your 'inner child' came out!

  5. Shave ice and dangling feet - I would say you did a pretty good job finding that inner child!

  6. We had ribs, cornbread, and sunshine here in Portland. To channel my inner child my husband made chocolate milkshakes for dessert!