Sunday, June 6, 2010

Easily Entertained

Tony was out tonight, so I ate dinner on my own, then decided to take a walk.  A stroll through the neighborhood sounded dull, though, and I tried to think of some way to make it exciting as I gathered the newspaper to throw it in the recycling bin.  The travel section was on top of the pile, and on the front page there was an article about old-fashioned games for road trips.  One of them was car bingo. That made my mind start working...I wonder if I could come up with a walking "bingo"?

I started making a list of things that you might see on a typical suburban walk.  Soon I had two dozen items, and I set out from the house to see how many I could find.  My route tonight took me down several subdivision streets and through a high school and middle school grounds. I ended up finding more than half the things, and looking for them made my walk go quickly.

My list and the results:
  •  A For Sale sign…There were several along my route 
  • Someone walking a dog…It was a great night for dogs and their people to be out.
  • Someone cutting the grass…I saw a few people, and heard several more lawnmowers
  • A kid riding a bike on the sidewalk…There were no kids anywhere on my route
  • Wildlife (other than birds)…One rabbit nibbling on some clover
  • A van or SUV with a decal on the back window…I saw one high school and one college cling
  • A police car…Heard a siren in the distance, but didn't see one
  • Road kill…Sadly, there was a bird that had been dead for quite some time
  • Old newspaper in driveway…Several houses had one of these
  • Beer or soda can…I saw three. Why do people need to throw their trash all over?
  • Fast food trash…Again with the trash!
  • A pizza delivery car…Not tonight, even though it was dinner time
  • Portable storage unit…Someone at the end of my street had one delivered the other day.
  • Orange road construction cones…Yes. It's street repair season!
  • A baby stroller…Surprisingly, I didn't see any babies
  • Sprinkler…Yes, and it was spraying right down the middle of the sidewalk!<
  • A car blasting loud music…None…I was pleasantly surprised
  • Old garage sale sign…Left over from yesterday's neighborhood sale
  • Someone I knew…Not one, but two. Stopping to talk added twenty minutes to my walk.


  1. What a great idea! I may have to try this....smiles.

  2. when I started reading this I was just sure it was going to say "Tony was out tonight, so I ate dinner on my own....driving over to get a St. Paul's sandwich and an eggroll" LOL! At least that is probably what I would have done!

  3. Emom-Let me know if you do, or if you come up with your own list.

    Betsy-Too funny! Going out WAS tempting. However, I ended up cooking so there'd be leftovers for me to take for lunch today.

  4. Great idea! However, when I'm running around St L, I'm doing "shopping Bingo". Weekends Only...Cornacupia... the Bug Store... Gringo Jones... ;-D

  5. Teri-I LIKE your choice of stores.

  6. I like that Kathy. I make up stories about the people I see as part of my entertainment. I am going to have to try your bingo. Whatever it takes to get out there and do it and make it fun. TALU

    1. Kenya, you're right...whatever it takes:-)

  7. That's a great idea. I'll have to try it. TALU

  8. Love this and now that the weather is nice, my husband and I talk the girls in their wagon for a walk usually in the evenings. And so have to try this!! :) #TALU