Friday, February 5, 2010

Stop Thinking, Start Doing!

My To-Do list was getting quite long, but instead of doing the things so I could cross them off, I kept coming up with all kinds of excuses for not completing them. It was too early in the day, or too late, or I didn't have enough time, or the places I needed to go were closed for the day. The more I thought about not doing these things, the worse I felt about it. However, this morning I decided to take action. Today I:

Replaced an old shower head with a new one

Listed some things on Craigslist (and made arrangements to get rid of one of them)

Sent an e-mail to a friend asking her for a favor

Consolidated two piles of donations (including a box that had been sitting on the kitchen floor for several days) and dropped it off at Goodwill

Dropped off some volunteer paperwork that I'd been carrying in the car since Monday

Once I got going, all the tasks were easy (even the ones I'd put off because I though they were going to be difficult). It felt SO good to be able to get these things finished!


  1. That's more than I've done in a week.

  2. Wow - well done! I just finished writing a list too, and I'm hoping that now that I'll be able to see it everyday I might take action ... (fingers crossed)!

  3. WOW! good for you! I always feel so much better when I get something done...smiles.

  4. gosh, you did a lot! I love getting things done, too, great sense of accomplishment although tiring!

  5. I find that's often how I feel - I put things off because they're hard or annoying to do, and then when I do them, not only am I relieved, but I'm surprised that they were much easier to do than I had anticipated. Then ... I start procrastinating all over again. :( Good for you, it's nice to get things accomplished.

  6. Kathy-I've been saving the activities up :-)

    Dragonfly-Good luck with your list. Sometimes having something staring me in the face helps (I use the Task feature of Microsoft Outlook a lot), but sometimes I end up just postponing things...

    Emom-It makes me feel better, too.

    Christine-Ironically enough, I was more invigorated than tired when I completed everything

    Colette-Even though it makes me feel guilty, I enjoy reading about your anti-procrastination activities!