Wednesday, February 17, 2010


From the fine folks at Big Huge Labs comes a nifty application called Photobooth, which let you use your own digital images to create vintage photo booth strips.

The Website says:
Create vintage photo booth strips from your digital photos. Four poses! Your photos are automatically aged for an authentic vintage look. For the best results, use really bad photos. You know, ones where your hair is doing something it shouldn't and the flash is going off right in your face and one eye is halfway closed and your mouth is open. Like that.

When they mentioned using really bad photos, I knew exactly which one to go for. Two Christmases ago we got a video game where you could put your face on a character. Everyone in the family lined up against the wall one at a time for a front and side snapshot. The shots got uploaded to the game.

My photo could easily pass for a mug shot. I don't believe I'd had a cup of coffee yet, and it showed. I was unshowered, with awful bed head and dark circles under my eyes. Somehow the photo, along with the other family members', ended up in my computer. Every once in awhile we open up the folder to check out the pictures and laugh at them. They were perfect for this purpose.

Using Photobooth to create the photo strip was very easy. I uploaded my files and clicked the "CREATE" button. The finished product could be colored or black and white, with or without a vintage aged style. When it was done there were several options: I could save the result to my computer, e-mail it, or send it to Facebook or Twitter. If I wanted a high resolution copy, I could buy one. However, this likeness isn't one I'd want to have printed!


  1. Cool idea. I'm looking for the reverse ... I want to convert my prehistoric photo negatives into digital pictures.

  2. Big Huge Labs has a lot of fun stuff. The photobooth thing is cool, but I never have the right pictures for it, at least if you're going for authenticity.

    Have you tried the framer? You can add a polaroid or a "film" border to any picture.

  3. CambridgeLady-I know a couple of people who paid their teenaged children to scan photos onto their computer. I believe it was piece work-a set amount for each acceptable picture

    Kathy-I've seen the pictures on your blog and you're right...they're TOO good! I'll have to try the framer. I have fond memories of Polaroid pictures from years ago.

  4. Thanks for the info...very interesting!

  5. Now that's funny...I wouldn't want one of my published either....smiles.