Thursday, January 28, 2010

Give Me Liberty

Yesterday when I was driving to work I saw a strange sight along Manchester Road. There was a man dressed as a Statue of Liberty dancing on the sidewalk by a strip mall. The man wore a light green "robe" and a Liberty headdress, and looked like he was having a great time dancing and waving to the cars as they went by. I gave him a friendly honk and he waved at me and danced even harder. I looked in my rear view mirror, and saw him giving the pickup behind me a trucker "honk-the-horn gesture".

There was someone dancing there again this morning, and on the way home there were two dancing Liberties! I had to know why they were there, so I pulled into the parking lot. At the end of the strip mall was a sign that said Liberty Tax Service. Turns out that Liberty Tax Service is a nationwide franchise of tax preparers. One of their marketing strategies is to have people dressed as Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty dance on a sidewalk or street corner to attract customers. I guess that means I'll continue to see Lad Liberty till Tax Day in April.

If you haven't seen the Liberty dancers, here's a video of some from Atlanta:


  1. Wow - they really are bustin the moves!! Their advertising works too :-) Now we all know exactly who they are!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Gosh, we've got those same Liberties!

  3. They're all over the city. But they're more of the "gah, I hate my life" variety than the dancing kind.

  4. These have been in Fresno for years now. We also have a Halloween store, right across the street from Freedom Taxes, that always has characters out on the sidewalk dancing around. and, at the same intersection, a Round Table Pizza that has dancing characters. It's quite a scene some afternoons on my way home from school.

  5. Dragonfly-yes they are.

    Willow-I read that the franchise is growing quite quickly, so it doesn't surprise me that you have them too.

    Kathy-I wonder if the enthusiasm of the Liberties I saw is due to the fact that it's a new office (I think).

    dkzody-I'd really like to see that scene!

  6. Thanks for reminding me! I NEED to get my income tax done!

  7. Thanks for the blog post. I am the owner of the Liberty in Douglasville GA. That is me in the video. I love getting out there and creating excitment on my block!!!