Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I'm another year older. It's also my blogging anniversary. Two years ago I started a project to do something new every day for a whole year. Before that I had never read a blog, and barely knew what one was. How things have changed!

Unlike last year when I had a blowout birthday party, then followed it up with a mystery trip to Epcot Center, this year I'm celebrating my day quietly. I already had a shindig with the family last weekend, so Tony and I will go out for dinner tonight. I'm planning of treating myself to the most decadent entree and dessert on the menu. I decided several years ago that MY holiday season doesn't end until after my birthday!

Some January 11 births, deaths, and events I thought were interesting, compliments of Brainy History:
  • 2003 Maurice Gibb, singer/songwriter, the Bee Gees, dies at 53
  • 1995 5th TV network (WB) Warner Brothers begins
  • 1993 Independent President candidate Ross Perot publicly returns to politics
  • 1982 Atlanta Georgia's temperature goes below zero degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1980 Debut of Pretenders
  • 1973 American League adopts designated hitter rule
  • 1973 Trial of Watergate burglars begins in Washington D.C.
  • 1970 Superbowl IV: Kansas City Chiefs beat Minnesota Vikings, 23-7 in New Orleans
  • 1971 Mary J. Blige, R&B and hip-hop singer/ songwriter born
  • 1964 1st government report warning smoking may be hazardous to one's health
  • 1962 Kim Coles, American actress (Living Single) born
  • 1952 Ben Crenshaw, PGA golfer, born
  • 1949 Snowfall 1st recorded in Los Angeles
  • 1946 Naomi Judd, country singer (and mother of Wynonna and Ashley) born
  • 1942 Clarence Clemons, saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen's E St. Band born
  • 1935 Amelia Earhart flies non-stop from Honolulu to Oakland California
  • 1922 Insulin 1st used to treat diabetes
  • 1843 Francis Scott Key, composer of "The Star Spangled Banner", dies at 63
  • 1775 Francis Salvador becomes 1st Jewish person elected to office in America
  • 1755 Alexander Hamilton, 1st U.S. Secretary of Treasury (whose face is on the $10 bill) born


  1. Happy Birthday, Kathy!! Hope that dessert was decadent!

  2. Sounds like it was a wonderful birthday week. Many "happy's" to you.

  3. Congrats on the blog anniversary and happy birthday!

  4. Great post. I am also starting a "new" challenge on my blog!

  5. Hope your day was fabulous! smiles.

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful wishes. I PROMISE I didn't write the post just to get them :-)

  7. Happy Birthday and Blog Anniversary! Neat idea to see what else was going on Jan 11. Maybe I'll do that for my next dreaded (just getting older) bday.

  8. Just stumbled across your blog via Dragonfly. Happy Birthday! I shall visit again :)

  9. Christine-I had fun figuring out what was happening on "my" day. However, I think that there were cooler people born a couple of days before and after mine.

    CambridgeLady-Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Wow, it seems like just yesterday that you got started with all of this. What a fun ride. Wishing you another year of good times. I'll enjoy reading all about it.

  11. dk-I think you were one of my first regular readers and commenters. I'll write it if you promise to keep reading.