Saturday, January 16, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes

This is what out kitchen looked like last night when we went to bed:

And this is what it looks like now:

We have new countertops!

Last month we signed a contract to have the work done, and I went to the warehouse to pick out the slabs. Someone came to the house last week to make a detailed drawing for the fabricator, who would cut the stone. He left before I remembered to ask him how long the fabrication process took, so I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call about installation on Thursday.

The installation job is a multi-step process. Last night after dinner we had the old countertops taken out, along with the sink and its plumbing. That left us with no water in the kitchen. (Fortunately we have a wet bar in the family room that proved handy for making coffee at breakfast.) This morning a crew of three young men came to install the new counter, which only took them a couple of hours. Tomorrow morning the water lines will get reinstalled, along with a new faucet, and the job will be completely done.

I absolutely love the Cafe Amazonia granite we chose. It wasn't my first pick, but the salesperson told me it would look great, and she was right. You know how one home improvement project usually leads to another? I'm starting to compile a list of things that need to be redone now...


  1. Very nice!!! Not so practical for cooking without the benchtop ;-)

  2. Ooohh...I'm so jealous! Gorgeous!!!

    My kitchen just needs to be gutted...and I'll do it some day....after we get Taylor through college! LOL!

  3. Thanks for all the nice comments.

    Dragonfly, for breakfast, I put a cookie sheet on top of the openings and set a toaster on that.

    AnotherQ, I know you just went through a lot of renovation yourself. At least ours only took a short time.

    Betsy, it took me a long time to get together the money. You're right, not having big expenses helps a lot!

  4. It looks wonderful! I know you'll enjoy it.