Thursday, July 30, 2009


Note: This post may contain too much information for some readers, so you might want to pass today and come back next time. If you choose to continue, don't say you haven't been warned!
When I walk out the door in the morning, I have to take a whole slew of things with me: a purse, a work bag, a gym bag (containing everything I need to get ready for work), lunch (in a container with some blue ice to keep it cold), and anything I need to complete errands.

With all that stuff to remember, it was inevitable that someday I'd forget something. It happened today. After my workout at the gym, I was laying out my things before I got into the shower. Towel--check. Clean clothes to change into--check. Undergarments--Uh-oh. I had some, but not everything I needed.

What to do? There was NO WAY I was going to reuse the sweaty piece I just took off. If I had been a couple of decades younger, I probably could have gotten away without wearing the item. However, that wasn't going to happen now, especially since I was going to work. I showered, put on what I had, and headed to a store to buy a replacement.

I found something suitable on the "80% off" clearance rack and took it to the checkout at the front of the store. After the clerk rang it up my purchase, she started to put it in a bag. I told her that wouldn't be necessary, because [speaking in sotto voce] I needed to use it right away. Fortunately, I was the only one at the cash register. When she didn't get it, I was forced to lower my voice even more, and tell her why. This time I could tell by her expression she understood. She said, "I hate it when that happens" and handed me my purchase with the receipt. I asked her if the store had a bathroom I could use and she pointed towards it.

Things don't end up on the massive clearance rack for no reason; according to the garment tags the piece should have been my size, but it was a bit too tight when I put it on. However, at least it was better than going without. I'm gonna make sure I double check the gym bag from now on!


  1. Love it! I am definately in the same karmic ballroom....smiles...

  2. Oh to be young and free again...... I have reached an age where going without would be obscene.

  3. That stinks. But I have been in a similar situation...mine involved an underwire malfunction while Cashiering at Target then I was in College.

  4. So funny and yet so human of xx