Thursday, July 9, 2009

Easy And Open Access To Information

Today I had about an hour to kill between finishing at the gym and clocking in at work. Home is in the opposite direction, so it doesn't make sense to return there; I wouldn't have time to accomplish anything before I had to leave again. The other days this has happened I spent the time shopping, but because I don't plan on doing that every day I tried to think of an alternate activity. I remembered there was a library right on the route between my two stops, so I figured I could use a computer there to check my e-mail. I also had time to use the computer at the library to write this post.

I haven't used a library computer for several years, and they've completely revamped the procedure. You used to have to sign up at the front desk, but now all you have to do is pick a machine, enter your card number at the prompt, and the clock starts on your session. Each session lasts for one hour, but I suspect if you need more time than that and no one else is waiting you could log in again.

At home I have my browser to set up to open with multiple tabs for sites I use on a regular basis. Others I have bookmarked so I just drop down the list and click-no typing required. Today I had to remember the addresses of all the pages I needed so I could put them into the address bar. Most of them were easy, but I've only typed the one for the work Web mail system a handful of times and didn't have it committed to memory. Fortunately, I had the memo with the information in my wallet.

After I was all caught up with my various e-mails, I opened up the blog and started writing. It felt strange not to be sitting at the desk in the kitchen where I always work, but the ideas seemed to come out faster in the new location. I followed my normal procedure of saving the post to come back to it later in the day for editing; I can "fix" the mistakes much easier if I look at my ramblings with a fresh eye. When it was time for me to leave for work I made sure I'd logged out of each site I visited. I wouldn't want someone else accessing my accounts!


  1. I have never used the computers at the library... I would be afraid I would leave some sort of "trail" to my personal info. Besides, I never have that much time on my hands when I am away from the campground.

  2. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time @ the public library. They had computers! Also, books. I keep meaning to get a library card here in Toronto, but our local one is constantly under construction.

  3. I have been at those stations for up to two and a half hours before. It just depends on whether people are waiting for a terminal or not.