Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Clean Your Life

I'd go out on a limb and guess that everyone is familiar with the concept of spring cleaning your house. Today during my Internet wanderings I learned about the concept of spring cleaning your life.  The idea intrigued me, and as I did more research I found out that spring cleaning your life is a Thing.   You can spruce up your body, mind, career, workout, schedule, love life, and relationships.  You name it, it can be neatened up.

As I went about my day I pondered what areas of my life could use some freshening up, and came up with a Life Spring Cleaning Plan. I'm going to work on:

--Tackling the projects (each represented by a pile of papers) that are scattered across the kitchen island

--Unsubscribing to all the junk messages that clutter up my email

--Saying no to some of the requests for my time

--Organizing my computer files and email folders

--Contacting a couple of friends I haven't talked to in a while

--Shaking up some of my routines and being less predictable

Care to join me in a good deep life cleaning?


  1. Once again we seem to be in step. I'm calling mine 'making a beautiful life'. Making creating a regular part of my life, getting back into cooking, moving my wardrobe towards a signature style, getting fit, stopping taking people's 'stuff' is a biggie. It feels good.

  2. We tend to do our major house cleaning just before new years because we like to go into the new year with everything clean and organized. To be honest though, I could do a little again since we're expecting so many guests soon.

    1. Cleaning and organizing seem to be never-ending, don't they?

  3. I did the unsubscribing thing last year. This year I'm thinking I may have to back out of one of my big weekly commitments for next year. I'm feeling a bit frazzled and I don't like that. The books have started to pile up, too. None of my friends have offered to take any off of my hands for awhile now so I guess the library will be getting a donation. That will make room for more books!

    1. I get frazzled, too, when there's too much on my plate. Good for you for taking steps to solve the problem.