Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb--Hardly!

Today is the first day of spring. I hardly noticed.

That's because instead of the blustery, chilly weather we usually have, we're experiencing lovely conditions.  According to the National Weather Service, the average high temperature for our area on March 20th is 64 degrees, and the average low is 45 degrees.  Today, however, tied the record high temperature (83 degrees) for this date. We've also tied the record for the number of days in March (8) with a temperature at or above 80 degrees.

I haven't worn a jacket for more than a week, and instead of jeans and long sleeved shirts I've been sporting shorts and t-shirts.  The windows in the house are open, and we had to use the ceiling fan in the bedroom last night.  I've talked to a couple of people who even turned on their air conditioner!

Trees and other plants are responding to the warm weather and blooming early. The red bud tree in the backyard was beautiful, but the flowers have already withered and a few tiny leaves are starting to appear. The Bradford pear trees in the subdivisions around here look like puffballs from a distance, their white flowers are so profuse.  I've even seen carpets of creeping phlox flowers, which I always associate with April, because Son Brian was born April 2, and the phlox were in bloom when we brought him home from the hospital.

Will the nice weather last?   The Farmer's Almanac says the average last frost date in this area is April 7, so we could still have some cold waiting for us.  I wouldn't mind things getting back to normal (it would be a shame if I couldn't wear my cute spring sweaters), but I do NOT want it to get below freezing.  Things are too far along for that.


  1. I'm one of those people with AC on! We're running mid 80s here in TN. Dad had the AC last week tho. And our Bradfords are spent already... completely green leafed.

  2. Wow, the weather is changing all over the world. Apparently back home it's been the mildest winter in ages. In South Australia temperatures were/are cooler than normal, not that I'm complaining any because it's hot enough where I'm at, but what is going on with our planet?

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy that lovely weather you're getting!

  3. It's some interesting weather. I guess I'm old; it never gets warm enough for shorts for me.

  4. It's supposed to go back to normal by the weekend here. My husband already changed his car out of snow tires!

  5. I'm enjoying it in StL, but I'm wary... I'm sure that as soon as I start coaching and have to be out in the elements for hours on Saturdays it will suddenly turn super-cold again.