Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Will Summer EVER Go Away?

The chart from today's paper says it all:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
For the foreseeable future the temperatures here will be well above average.  What a drag!

A little over a week ago things cooled off, and I thought we'd seen the last of Summer. I opened opened up the house, and enjoyed the series of warm days and brisk evenings. Thinking that Fall was here to stay, I got one of my two bins of winter clothes down from its shelf in the closet. I never found the time to empty it, though, and on Sunday I put it back on the shelf (since I won't need those clothes for a while).

As you can tell from the chart, things have been heating up for a couple of days. Yesterday the middle of the afternoon was a tad uncomfortable, but by bedtime there was enough of a breeze to make things bearable. I enjoyed one more night of falling asleep and waking up to the sounds of nature.

This morning it was still nice, and I thought that maybe 'they' had gotten the forecast wrong. However, by lunchtime it was sultry in the house. The woodwork felt sticky from the humidity, and since I knew the temperatures would only get worse I closed up the house and turned the air conditioner back on. I know the mini heat wave is only temporary, but it's cramping my style.  In this area October is supposed to be about hikes, hayrides, hoodies, and hot cider.  Not shorts and sandals. 

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  1. We've had years like that, but we turned our heater on last night!

  2. Yup! I know what you mean. It's hot and sweltering over here in Hawaii too.

  3. we actually expect some rain late Wednesday due to Hurricane Rosa. It almost NEVER rains in the fall here! Still warm though...

    1. Is your area needing water? If so that would be a good thing, right?