Friday, August 24, 2018

I Hope They're Wrong, But I'm Not Holding My Breath

All this week the temperatures here have been below normal, but if the weather gurus are right, it looks like things will be changing big time tomorrow:

Weather Underground
I'm not a fan of hot weather, so I'm not excited about the change at all. Today was more my cup of tea; it felt more like early October. The windows were open and I was able to enjoy all the sounds of nature. After I completed my morning commitments I came home to cook and bake. It was gloomy, with a gentle sporadic rain. As the afternoon went on the sun tried to break through a couple of times. By dinner time there was more sun than clouds, and the evening was bright and beautiful.  Hubby Tony and I took a long walk after the kitchen was clean to take advantage of the nice conditions.

The Weather Service already issued a heat advisory from noon tomorrow through Tuesday night. That means we'll hermetically seal up the house again, and the sound of nature will be replaced with the hum of the air conditioner as it works to cool off the house. And I'll be counting the days until fall really comes back.

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  1. Stay cool however you can, the mornings are starting to get cooler here the past few days.

  2. good luck! We can feel a bit of coolness in the air, but we know it won't be permanent for almost 6 more weeks.

    1. As nice as the fall-like weather was I almost wish we hadn't had it. If it had stayed hot I wouldn't know what I was missing :-)