Monday, June 11, 2018


I find it hard to believe, but Son Donald will be turning 30 this week. When each of his brothers reached that age I memorialized them with a "through the years" photo album on Facebook, and will do the same thing this time, too. I've had a great time going through all of the boxes of snapshots to pick out just the right ones. Once I decided on the photos, it was time to scan them into the computer.

Our all-in-one printer/copier/scanner is downstairs in the office. My computer, where the files would end up, is in the kitchen. Several months ago the flatbed scanner decided it wouldn't start from the button on the machine, but it will run from the control center software on the computer. Now scanning is a multi-step process of walking downstairs to put the item on the scanner, upstairs to start the process, then back down to retrieve it. Normally I'm only scanning one or two items at a time and I just consider it part of my day's exercise. Tonight was not normal.

Curious to know just how many flights of stairs I'd be climbing, I took a before screen shot of my exercise stats for the day. Thanks to a couple hours of yard work and then some house cleaning they were looking pretty good:

Then the scanning started. I tried to do a couple of photos each time, but they often became crooked when I put the lid of the scanner down and then I'd have to redo them (which led to even more trips). When the job was done I saw that I had gotten almost 1,000 more steps and 16 extra flights of stairs:

Thank goodness my creaky knee was behaving itself today!


  1. It is so annoying when computers and technology does not work. I find that hitting the computer hard on the side does not fix the problem. But it makes me feel good.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, sometimes violence is a (temporary) answer :-)

  2. Wonderful gift, lots of work! Happy Birthday to Donald!

  3. Yeah, I climbed on a co-worker's desktop last week to decorate her cubicle for her birthday, and that right knee has been screaming at me ever since. :: doh ::