Wednesday, June 13, 2018

As Good As New

On Sunday I put a load of wet clothes in the dryer and turned the timer knob. Instead of clicking into place the knob just spun around loosely. The first dryer cycle was about ten minutes long. I tried again, and this time it worked for three minutes before the buzzer went off. The third time the dryer wouldn't even start.

I was frustrated, but since it's summer hot outside at least I had an option.

Our subdivision indentures don't allow for a clothes line, so I carried all the wet clothes outside and draped them over the deck rails and furniture. It only took an hour for even the heaviest items to be completely dry.

Lovely, isn't is?
We've used the same appliance repairman for decades, the dad of one of Son Donald's friends, but the last time he came out he told me he was getting ready to retire. However, on Monday morning when I searched through Angie's List for a replacement company his name was the fourth hit down on the first page. I called, and he told me that he had decided to hire a technician to do the actual work.

The earliest he could get here was today, and he offered me a slot from 10 am-2 pm. I accepted. Today I was finished with my errands and back home shortly before 10. While I waited I did some computer work and kitchen projects. I lost track of time until the cats reminded me it was almost time for their afternoon meal (which happens about 2). I called the technician to find out what was going on. He told me his paperwork said my slot was from noon-4:00. I was irritated, but I decided to make the best of it and continued on with my day.

At quarter after three I got a call the technician was on his way, and he showed up a half hour later. It took him less than a minute to figure out that the issue was a cracked knob. He told me he could sell me a new knob, but they cost $50 and then he'd also have to charge me for a service call. Instead, the technician swapped the broken knob with the one from the signal shaft, took a pen and scribbled over my paperwork, shook my hand, and left.

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  1. That all sounds fair. Good replacement, so far.

  2. What a nice guy. My son's washer fluid hose on his car broke. BMW quoted me $165 for labor plus the part (which they wouldn't give me a quote for). My son took his car to a neighborhood chain car repair place. They clamped his hose back together, told him "no charge" and sent him on his way. It's great to know there are still businesses with people like this, I'd thought not.

    1. When I find someone who treats me fairly I make sure they get ALL of my business.

  3. How lucky. When we phone for a plumber to attend over here the slot they offer is normally weeks rather than hours. One of them said he'll come round on 15 September 2018; but only in the afternoon because he is busy in the morning.

    God bless.

    1. Holy cow! I hope the problem wasn't a true emergency.