Monday, April 30, 2018

Pop Up Pallet

Spring has finally sprung. Our weather the past few days have been beautiful...a light jacket in the morning and evening and shirtsleeves in the middle of the day. The flowering trees are a riot of color, and garden centers are doing a booming business.

When the weather warms up I start thinking about spring cleaning. Yesterday I removed the flannel sheets from my bed, and today I tackled the spare bedrooms. I scrubbed the soap scum off the glass shower doors. I put the first of the house plants outside in a sheltered place to acclimate them before they move to a place on the deck. I also went through an accumulation of photos I had emailed to myself. I must have thought they were worthwhile months ago, but today, not so much. However, there were a few keepers. Down near the bottom of the folder I found evidence of one of my recent redecoratings.

The upper level of our house has four bedrooms. The master bedroom is the biggest, but the two in the front of the house are both large enough for a full sized bed. The fourth isn't, and has always had a twin sized bed. Son Donald, being the youngest, got stuck with that small room. However, as soon as Son Tony left for college in 2003 Donald immediately moved his things into the empty space.

I did some redecorating in the vacated room, pushing the metal frame bed against the wall and adding a spread and bolsters to turn it into a day bed. Last fall when Donald went back to school he needed a bed for the house he was renting with some friends. With my permission he took the metal one with him, and it was time to find another option.

The family continues to expand and we needed more beds, so I decided that a trundle bed would best suit the space. I religiously checked Craigslist and the Facebook marketplace looking for one. It took several weeks, but one day I saw a post offering a basic frame along with pop-up trundle and two mattresses. Hubby Tony and I went to look at them, and after a little haggling purchased everything.

Ironically, I was able to use the same bedding, which looks even better on the new set. Last Christmas the entire family was here, and the first trial for the trundle. When both beds are in use the room is pretty cramped, but it does the trick.

Bed closed and opened up

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