Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fun With The Health Kiosk

The weather here today was warm (a high of 67 degrees) but rainy. Our area has been in a drought, so the precipitation was nice. It made it hard to do anything outside, though. Instead of the outside exercise I had planned to get, I went to a grocery store branch of my bank to deposit a check, then spent some time walking up and down the aisles seeing what was new.

When I got to the far end over by the pharmacy I noticed a large blue and white blood pressure monitor machine by the patient window. I have no concerns about my blood pressure, but since the machine wasn't being used I decided to try it out. Why not? Over the years I've seen enough people sitting at the machines to know what to do. However, this one had an easy to read display screen that walked me through the process. I sat down, put my arm in the cuff, relaxed my hand, then hit the button on the screen that started the process.

Soon I had my results. As I expected, they were completely normal.

I started to get up, then realized that this machine did more than just check blood pressure. You could also screen yourself for weight and body mass index. Because there was no one else in the area and I had time to kill I decided to give it a try. The screen told me to place my feet on a foot rest, then hit the start button. It only took a few minutes for my results. They were both normal, too.

I left the store feeling better about myself than when I went in.

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  1. Good for you Kathy, you are fortunate having such good results.

  2. You are indeed blessed. As I read along I found myself getting more and more concerned that the results were different that I expected. Your last sentence made me smile.

    1. OH! I didn't mean to give the wrong impression :-)