Friday, October 20, 2017

Computer Generated Chirography

I was going through the mail this afternoon, one of my least favorite tasks.  After tossing all the ads in the recycling bin I picked up an envelope which at first glance looked hand addressed. However, the ink was a strange blue hue, and the stamp didn't have a cancellation, which gave it away as direct marketing (AKA junk) mail. Opening it confirmed my suspicions-it was from the dealership where I bought my last vehicle, offering me the opportunity to come in for a Service Clinic.

I know that marketers are getting really sophisticated, and doing sneaky things to get their mail to stand out. There are even robots that can hold a pen and write in a variety of styles.

I wondered if it was possible for me to get in on the action, and did a search for 'handwriting fonts'.  The search yielded 21,400,000 results. I clicked through to Google Fonts, which had more than a hundred open source web fonts that you can use on a web page or download to your computer.  You can type in sample text to see how it would look.  I chose one called Coming Soon, put in a fake address, and got this:

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  1. Good to know about Google Fonts, because I had a hard time finding a font for the last scrapbook. Pacifico looks good for my next.

  2. Replies
    1. I can see that it could be an interesting project when I have some free time!