Friday, August 25, 2017

National Banana Split Day

The sign on the door said it all:

I was alerted yesterday to the fact that August 25th was National Banana Split Day. Our local Culver's restaurant had a promotion on the treats, so after dinner Hubby Tony and I walked up there (because the steps we took would help burn off the calories we were going to ingest). 

Ready for eating
We both ordered a split and we both polished it off.   Then we walked home a less direct way. Those banana splits have a lot of calories!

Five years ago today: Can You Believe I Ate The Whole Thing?


  1. I always loved banana splits, but now that I can't have dairy, I must forego them. Those look very delicious. I'm sure you enjoyed every bite.

    1. I did enjoy my treat, but later in the night all the richness gave me a stomach ache. Serves me right!

  2. I smiled at the walking home the less direct way :-)