Sunday, August 20, 2017

From One Cat Lover To Another

Do you remember just a couple of days ago, when I showed you pictures of my cats as tiny kittens?   Strayer, of Cat Eyes---A Cat Woman's Photos commented that "I'd love to see side by sides of your cats as kittens, then as they are now."

Post more photos of my 'boys'? Twist my arm!

I wanted to come up with just the right images, though.  First I asked the cats nicely if they would like to recreate their earlier poses. They declined. Next  I tried to catch them off guard with my camera, but they weren't having any of that, either.  Finally, I dug into my archive of cat images.

So Strayer, here you are.  Cats young and mature.

Pepper on the left, Jackson on the right

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