Monday, May 1, 2017

D Is For Dallas

A decade ago I rarely traveled anywhere. Now I have children scattered across the country, and much of my vacation  time revolve around visiting them.

Hubby Tony and I just returned from a weekend trip to Dallas, which is where Son Tony and his friend Ie moved last fall.  We left Friday after breakfast and got back Sunday right before bedtime.  In a little over 48 hours we fit a lot in.

We ate...fried chicken, farm-to-table food, barbecue, breakfast, and Thai.

Texas-size BBQ meat for four
We explored...the West End Historic District neighborhood around Tony and Ie's apartment, other parts of downtown, and the Uptown area where they just bought a condo.

We got our culture at the Sixth Floor Museum, dedicated to the life, times, and legacy of  President John F. Kennedy and at an event at a movie theater hosted by two of the past cast members of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 show.

All too soon it was time for Tony and Ie to take us back to the airport.  It was a great visit, and I look forward to many more.

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  1. Fortunately they are all in the U.S. too! Great to do a bit of travel, sounds like you had a good time!