Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Single Letter Can Make All The Difference

As you may remember, one of my volunteer tasks is to make slides for events that run on monitors around the church campus.  Over the past three years I've gotten pretty good at it and can put together slides without too much thought.  As I found out tonight, that's not always a good thing.

Two weeks ago I made a slide for an organization's "Bunch for Bunco" fundraising event.  (In case you're unfamiliar with it, Bunco is a mindless dice game) I emailed the finished product to one of the organizers; she replied that it was perfect.  That weekend, and the next one, it was part of a slide show on two of the three screens.  Today I made new slide shows and after dinner went to set them up.  Once the first slide show started running I stood and took a look at it.  AND discovered a problem!

The top of the slide was supposed to say "Bunch for BUNCO Fundraiser. What it actually said was:

That one incorrect letter at the end of the first word made quite a difference.  In two weeks of running, no one had discovered the error.  I came home, fixed everything, and will take the corrected slide shows back up tomorrow.  What do you think are the chances that I can get by one more night without anyone noticing?

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  1. These mistakes happen all the time, especially on church announcements. I often wonder how many people actually read the announcements. I would often hear, at our previous church, from people who didn't know about an event although it had been in the church newsletter for weeks. I would think, "don't you read the bulletin?"

    1. You're right about people not being informed. Last night I sent a message to the Bunco night organizer (a personal friend) and got a response back today that she had seen the mistake last week, but then forgot to contact me.