Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Efficient And Easy

A while back Hubby Tony's iPhone began charging slowly, and after a couple of days stopped charging completely. He was getting ready to call the Apple store and set up an appointment to have the phone looked at, but I told him I'd see what the Internet said about the problem first before he took it in.

It turns out the issue was a very easy fix. All it took was a toothpick.

Charging port
My inspiration was the CNET article Use a toothpick to clean out your iPhone.  It suggested that when you carry your phone around in your pocket (like Tony does) lint can get stuck in the port, building up so the charger can't make good contact.  The cleaning steps were easy:
  • Back up the phone
  • Turn it off and use a normal toothpick to gently remove any debris inside the port 
  • Turn the phone back on, connect the charger, and see if it works
  • If it doesn't, use a can of compressed air and repeat the process
When I first started moving the toothpick around in the slot, nothing came out.  I kept at it, though, and eventually removed the equivalent of a large pinch of dust.  Tony connected the charger, and it worked like a charm.  Problem solved.


  1. Whaaaaat? Absolutely amazing. Thanks for the heads up, Kathy. You've saved folks a lot of worry and money, I suspect.