Thursday, July 7, 2016

I Scream

For the past week I've been seeing ads on TV for Sonic's Ice Cream Cone Day, which touted half price cones on July 7th.  That was, of course, today.

 After dinner tonight Hubby Tony and I walked the long way up to the location that's at the intersection of the two largest roads near us (because you've got to get the exercise before you get the reward). We both ordered waffle cone sundaes.  His had strawberry and chocolate candies, and mine was topped with chocolate syrup and peanut butter cups.  We also asked for a cup of water.

The lot was only half full, with a couple of cars in the drive through line, so our cones came out  The car hop had a hard time digging my change out of her pouch, and by the time she was done the ice cream was already starting to melt.

This has the potential to be messy!

The cone was great, but with all the dripping ice creamI had to scarf it down quickly.  The water came in handy for washing the stickiness off my hands.

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