Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chasing Dragons On A Bike

Because the forecast for today called for rain, rain, and more rain, Hubby Tony and I were forced to exercise at the gym. It was a good thing I had Tony to keep me on track, because it was time to go I realized I wasn't motivated (but I couldn't back out).  On the way there I tried to figure out what type of aerobic activity I wanted to do, and figured out it would be a good day to chase dragons on a bike.

Our gym has four Expresso Internet connected bikes.  The bikes have virtual tours of various difficulty (and you can ride against a virtual pace rider), but when I'm unmotivated I have the most success with the Proving Ground mode.  It's like a video game on wheels.  You ride around collecting coins and chasing dragons of the corresponding color. If you catch the dragon you get points.

Months ago I created an Expresso account.  If I would sign in every time I used the bike I'd be able to keep track of my progress.  However, I can never remember my login information so I just ride for the exercise component.  When I start out I tell myself that this time I'll ride at a leisurely pace, but before I know it I'm caught up in chasing after dragons.   It's a fun diversion, and made the 30 minutes pass by quickly.

At the end I was sweaty and the bike display told me my heart rate had made it into an acceptable aerobic range.  Time to stop chasing dragons until the next time.